Gamer Pictionary for the International Welcome Day

Gamer Pictionary for the International Welcome Day

You don’t need to be an artist to have fun!

You travelled from afar… You must be tired, come here and join us in some fun and games!

We are Gamers UAB, a student society made up of students who like playing videogames, meeting other students who are interested on the same issue, sharing hobbies and organizing competitions, amongst many other activities.

For this special time, we are organizing a Pictionary session with custom topics: Videogames and Spanish/Catalan culture. You don’t need to be an expert neither in any of those topics, nor in drawing. You only need to be ready to have fun!

The activity will be held in our Discord Server, to which you will receive access Wednesday afternoon or Thursday Monday. The platform is free, and you can even use it from your Internet Browser. If you don’t have an account, you can do it in a few minutes!

The event will begin Thursday at 16:00, and will be 2h long approximately. Don’t worry about language, only (well, mostly) English!

Sign up for the event HERE

Welcome to GamersUAB! We hope you enjoy your stay here 🤗

PD: You don’t need to join our community to participate, but we definitely encourage you to do so. Our day-to-day conversations are held in Spanish mainly, but feel free to join us if you are brave enough! <3

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